Baja Bound

Baja bikesFor those of you who follow my blog, you will recollect I wrote about our Baja trip last year.  This time, I am writing before we head out.  Because I am sitting here the night before we leave remembering last year’s holiday and the number of motocycles we saw and heard.

For those of you lucky enough to be also heading down to the Baja on your two wheels – remember to give me a wave as you pass the Loreto golf course, cause that’s where I will be.  That’s right this chick is heading down with her sticks and sans her bitch pad.

A girl likes variety!  However, I know as I stand there and tee up at the 12th hole and hear that rumble in the distance, my envy will kick in.  Then as I plonk my shot 100 yards ahead, I will stand watching you ride by wishfully thinking that was me on the back.

Ride safe down the coast of the Baja and watch for those rowdy cows who don’t seem to see vehicles coming there way.  Yes, they may move slow – but they sure know how to get in the way.

Maybe this year I will get the chance to dirt bike through the desert…what sense of freedom that would be.  Afterall, when in the Baja…dirt bike!!

When we are back, we will have turned the corner on old man winter.  Which means then I can resume my trusty position on the bitch pad where my imagination will linger and take off developing stories for this blog.

Happy bitchin’.