Dueling Toilets

Dueling Toilet

Got your attention!

One of the perils of taking the “off the beaten track” twisty roads is finding a bathroom. Adding to that, is drinking a litre (1/3 of a gallon) of water in 30c (92 Fahrenheit) heat! Now I am not opposed to working with nature, but hey, if a lady can find a bathroom – I am in.

So here we are on one of those days….was I happy when I saw that yellow clam shell on the horizon. Naturally, we stop and all of a sudden everyone has to go to the washroom. In we march, kind of like a parade of leather.

We stand in line like good little school children waiting our turn. My girlfriend walks out and says – you and Betti can go in. I am like….okay….I walk in, turn the corner and burst out laughing. There in the middle of this bathroom sits two toilets side by side….I mean no doors, no walls, just out in the open. Now that’s a first! After my giggles subside I realize why I am in there.

Back on the bikes we go. Now as I have a habit of repeating the need to stop the bike. We are on day three. We stop for lunch. Prior to getting ready to get back on the bike, I head to the bathroom. I open the door – two stalls. Great in I step – yup…I stop dead – two toilets in the same stall. What? I am definitely laughing now.

Never in all my travels have I seen this before – dueling toilets. Not sure of the rational….okay boys….I to have an imagination…

Is it convenience?  Is it a “going above and beyond” in service? What is it?  Never did figure it out…but I will give them credit for comic relief whatever the reasoning.

Whole different meaning to the bitch ‘pad’.