Fuller Than The Ass In My Pants

I love rolling into a new town and finding THE place to eat.  And by that I don’t mean the white linens and stemware, but rather the best pub where the locals go for an ice cold locally made draught beer and good old fashioned home cooking.  Best part of the trip!

We’ve discovered some amazing places and in some cases it is the ONLY thing the town has – the local pub.  You can never go wrong…well…I really shouldn’t say that cause there was this time where everything did go wrong…like how can you mess up a grill cheese?  I won’t give you the horrid details.

But generally we are always experiencing good food and cold beer.  One year we went to a new pub in Cache Creek, BC.  It was known as a biker bar and was overlooking the river.  In we walk – the best part – one beer limit if you are riding.  Nicely done.

We’ve developed a keen eye for finding the local watering hole now.  And my husband has gotten really good at fast u-turns and sometimes even does a few figure eights as I point and yell – let’s try that one!

This past summer we travelled with Larry who had such a love and appreciation for everything he ate.  It was great to watch him order and then absolutely enjoy his meal.  I love people who have a passion for food – it is there to enjoy and taste not just to “fill the hole”.  After every meal Larry would say ” I am fuller than the ass in my pants”.  At first we burst into laughter…like how do did he come up with that?!  After a week on the road it became “the” saying…how can you truly beat that?

I can’t wait for this year to see what other cool pubs and restaurants we are going to discover.  Although it’s all about the journey and all that philosophical stuff but honestly NOTHING beats that first sip of ice cold locally brewed draught at the end of an amazing day.