Marvin the Martian

Ugh….helmets!  Yes, I know – they save lives…and believe me I know first hand.  But why do they have to look so funny on me!  I have a small head so every time I put on my helmet I feel like I am going to topple over. And then there’s the chin strap….who needs a face lift – just wear a helmet all summer for a few years!

My first helmet was black, and although DOT approved, was more like a half of a helmet. Then I found a cool white with blue flames helmet.  I wore that helmet for 4 four years.  I loved it.

That was until that faithful day we ride by a window and I saw my reflection. Seriously…I do have a face…it’s hidden underneath the crater on my head. How can I sit up when this helmet looks like I should topple forward with my head hung low?!

Then, I decide to learn to ride my own bike, I had to buy a full face helmet. You weren’t allowed to ride with any other helmet in class.  Talk about toppling over…not to mention I was convinced I was related to Marvin the Martian on Bugs Bunny.  I looked identical to him – all helmet and no head.  How embarrassing!

With all the technology and science out there, can’t one of you invent a DOT approved, and safety first, helmet that looks somewhat streamlined?  I mean for the sake of my vanity just do it!

As the years past, my compromise for looking like Aunt Marvin The Martian is my helmet is cool.  It’s got butterflies, it’s white with pink, amber and green, and I feel pretty good in it. If I keep telling myself that…I will learn to believe it!

See? another advantage to riding on the bitch pad – I am hiding behind the driver.  So you don’t see the martian on the back until I am passing you or you are stuck behind me (which is highly unlikely the way we ride).