Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah!

SantaI want to take this time of year to thank all of you who have read my blog, provided feedback, have been blog guest writers, and most of all who have supported my blog.  This blog started on a whim of an idea while I was…yes, sitting on the bitch pad.

After researching the net for a blog of this ilk, I noticed there was nothing like it.  So, I was carving the way for other bitch pad riders.  It’s been a fun year sharing my stories.  My goal is always to bring back a memory or give you a giggle for the day.

I hope I have achieved that, if not, then you need to keep reading this blog!

For those of you who live in a province, state, or country that doesn’t get snow or cold this time of year, please keep the chrome side up.

Here’s to a New Year of new adventures, new fellow rider friends, and most of all belly laughs.

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, and Happy New Year everyone!