Spring Is In The Air!

sign of springOh…I love the color palet of Spring.  Light pinks, similar mauves, mint greens, and chrome…wait chrome?  Yes, the bikes are out!  Just as I had hoped coming back from two weeks of sun and fun in the Baja.

Our bike is chomping at the spokes to get out.  But for now, it has to settle for being plugged into the battery charger and being polished getting ready for its debut.  Of course, I am ensuring my ‘bitch pad’ is also well taken care of!

The next step will be the notice to renew our insurance…yes, now that is a true sign of Spring as my husband heads out to renew our license.  He speeds back, throws the sticker on the plate and off we go.

I can already feel the wind in my hair and my imagination is running wild for bitch pad stories. What will it be this year? How much fun can I have with my writing?  Oh, I can hardly wait!

The best ride is the first one of the season.  Cause you know their are many more kilometers ahead while the sun shines for the next 5 months.

This year is it is our 10th Annual motorcycle trip with our riding friends…so will I have bitch pad stories or what?  Oh right….some bitch pad stories stay behind just like the dust we travel over….but you know, I won’t disappoint.

Let the count down begin.  Keep on bitchin’!