The "Bitch" Pad

Okay, you are going to have to indulge me with this blog…you see, I am going to step off the back of the bike with this story and step into the seat beside the helm of our boat.

It all started with “you know how much I love you Sweetheart?” My spidy senses immediately kick in and I say “you bought a boat!”. The smile on his face and the excitement in his eyes gave me the answer.

Fast forward to five months later, the addition to our toy family is sitting in our driveway – a completely reconditioned (with the hard work of my husband) 1975 19′ Searay in a beautiful blue. It looks fantastic.

On the first sunny warm Friday night we take it out.  Yeah…something, I am totally excited for…NOT! You see, I don’t like water.  To me, water is meant to shower in or drink – that’s it!  Not float on top of with only 4 inches separating me and the deep dark yucky under me.  Can’t wait.

But hey, I am brave and I can do this for my husband who is like a 12 year old at Christmas (remember the love part here).  So, off we go to launch the boat. We have the boat backed into the water when Bart turns to me and says; “okay Sweetie, get in the truck and back it up until I say stop.”  Wait…let me get this right – you want me to take a perfectly road worthy truck and back it into water???  Hence, the title to this blog The “bitch” pad….I am not happy.

But I do it…in the boat goes with my heart pounding and my fear in my throat. I then drive the boat out of the water and park it….yet, another story entirely.

I slowely walk back to the boat as now is the moment of truth…can I do it?  I get in the boat.  I sit on my new “bitch pad” and quietly observe the water and the scenery. I did it…I sat in a boat for two hours…and have to say I loved the experience.

I could have done without the 360 turn where inadvertantly I yelled out as the water came way to close to my shoulders. The ‘bitch” pad became very apparent to Bart and he resumed his normal speed and in a straight line.